The Fine Art of Faking it

I put on my make up. I slip on my shoes. Brush the eyelash from my cheek and put my day smile on. Straighten up my shoulders and push out my bust. Every… Continue reading

The Pony Girl

Saddle up and bite the bridle miles of range to ride and I’ll sway beneath my cowboy, for I am his pony girl I see meadow, I see mountain I see seas of… Continue reading

My Name is Annie

My name is Annie and I am a mess and I stand before you my life in tatters. I stand before you burned down to bare embers. My pride has been purged and… Continue reading

(to) Absent Friends

This used to be a garden where we tasted of all the fruit and chased our every daydream in a wild, joyous pursuit. But now the winter has set in and the trees… Continue reading

Lover of Mine

New morning. Hunting for a stocking half an hour before the dawn. The night has vanished, the details sketchy – your name, uncertain my mind a blank. Why do I do this? How… Continue reading

The Good Girl

I was the good girl, I carried my load and I walked along rough roads to come to your door. I waited for you when you were lost in the shadows “finding yourself”… Continue reading

The Perfect Room

and here, was a chair and there was a bed. The curtains were blue and we opened them, in summer, to the scent of the frangipani tree. But the perfect room now, is… Continue reading

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