No Man

I’m in my garden the sun is shining the waves of warmth are like great arms around me. The birds are singing the air smells sweet I see the trees wave gently. I… Continue reading

No Rain

No rain and the red dirt is cracking no rain with the grass dawrn and brittle no rain and the dust rises into the sky which has brought forth no rain. No rain… Continue reading

Bad Seed

I see the bad seed staring me down, eying me close. Every excuse is made for him. None of them ring true. He’ll grow up and he’ll kill someone, I’m sure as I’m… Continue reading

I Slept with the Devil

This is my story of sleeping with the devil. This is my tale told as it should. A journey to hell, via the hallways of heaven. The days, they were short but the… Continue reading

The Bottom

If you want to thrill me, play the top. if you want to flatter me play the middle. If you want to know me play the deeper inner recesses – but if you… Continue reading

Love Time Bomb

Come into my room.I have a little trap.It will come as some sweetsurprise to you.Take off you tie and jacket.My heart doesn’t with a dull bloody thumpbut with a slow rythmictick tick tick.Counting… Continue reading

My Lucky Day

Looking out on this cloudy day in the greyest depths of winter I ask myself ‘why must all things die when I crave green fields and new beginnings?” It’s just my luck It’s… Continue reading

When is a poem finished?

When is a poem done and finishedwhen are all the words truly saidwhen is the soul finally openedWhen does the heart bleed out When do we die and start livingWhen does the sky… Continue reading

A Soft Place to Land

I’m wandering in an undiscovered country. I am digging in a long-abandoned mine, roaming through terra incognita an emotional wasteland a road I am yet to find. My candle flicks and gutters with… Continue reading

I am not and nor have I ever been a monkey

There’s an ignorant little chimpranting at a room full of six year oldstelling them that he’s nota monkey’s uncle.That in fact, his relatives sailedlong ago, on Noahs arkwith dinosaurs and kangaroosand the lions… Continue reading

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