And in those days

And in those days
when we would wander in the woods,
your hand would find
my secret places.
And I would sigh, and die
but know I’d live again
richer in the deep greens
of that garden.

There came a time when I was
dwelling in the shadows.
I longed for sunlight’s stripes
to fall over my skin.
I knew the universe
was forever changing,
but until you came
I was a victim of it’s

All things must die
of this I’m ultimately certain.
Our love did perish
but not before its time.
And in those days I saw
the vine that held it
and I did nothing for I knew
that was it’s fate.

I have no sorrow
just a sentimental fancy
to trip back through those days
and breathe their memory.
Who know where love comes from
and who knows where it departs to?
I simply live it in the moment
that it breathes.