What kind of man are you?

Every time we part
I have to ask myself –
What am I never sure in my heart?
what kind of man are you?

You’be got a kindness and a cruelty,
a scepter and a whip.
Sometimes you kiss me sweetly.
sometimes you bite my lip.

Sometimes you tell delicious lies
or your words are harsh but true –
all makes me wonder
what kind of man are you?

In the midnight you are sweetness
yet in the daylight you are stone.
I feel I am most with you
sometimes when I’m alone.

And the time when you come calling
I feel most alone some days you do!
What’s happening here?
What kind of man are you?

I don’t know myself anymore
where once, I knew I did…
you seem to bring out fears and joys
I felt that I had hid,

Is love a mystery uncovered
or a deep and painful lie?
Maybe the question I should be asking is
what kind of woman am I?