My Lucky Day

Looking out on this cloudy day
in the greyest depths of winter
I ask myself ‘why must all things die
when I crave green fields and
new beginnings?”
It’s just my luck
It’s just a corner I could not turn
in time.

It’s like I speak one language
and the world speaks with an accent
and the words fall out of order
their meaning warped and
oddly fractured
it’s just my luck
it’s just the wind I could not catch
in time.

Oh – but wintry days will pass and summer’s sun
will catch my face, the wind will bring
a cheery voice a’calling.
Time gooes round the hearts ets sail on hourneys
where it’s compass spins the mystery of life
is all revealing. It’s just my luck
to trust my luck,
my lucky day will come.