A Soft Place to Land

I’m wandering
in an undiscovered country.
I am digging in a
long-abandoned mine,
roaming through
terra incognita
an emotional wasteland
a road I am yet to find.
My candle flicks and gutters
with the shaking of my hand.
I am falling blindly, hoping
for a soft place to land.

We’re all on this road
down to ruin.
feeling our way along
a sightless trail.
Whatever cause there was
to our undoing
is the reason our
hearts are so frail.
All we seek is a warm place of shelter,
for the rain and a firm place to stand.
and somewhere, instead of rock bottom
we find there’s a soft place to land.

So I’m gazing across
this dark table
into eyes I have not
see before.
Feeling that ready persuasion
to go where
I have not yet explored.
The sound of you voice is so soothing
and I imagine the touch of your hand –
but most hopefully, my heart is yearning
to find you a soft place to land