I am not and nor have I ever been a monkey

There’s an ignorant little chimp
ranting at a room full of six year olds
telling them that he’s not
a monkey’s uncle.
That in fact, his relatives sailed
long ago, on Noahs ark
with dinosaurs and kangaroos
and the lions and the lambs.

But Mister Monkey, tell me please
was it really all the animals
and how did Noah feed them
for forty days and forty nights?
Why was it the lion did not eat the lamb
after all, he must have been hungry
and how did the dinosaurs manage to fit
on such a little boat?

And how did the kangaroos all manage
to wind up in Australia if
they sailed to a mountain in Turkey?
Did they hop across the water somehow?
The monkey man scratches his head
it was magic, he tells the class
So God is like Harry Potter?
The monkey man sighs a sigh.