My Name is Annie

My name is Annie
and I am a mess
and I stand before you
my life in tatters.
I stand before you
burned down to bare embers.
My pride has been purged
and I’m asking for help.

My name is Annie
and I am addict
to bad men and bad sex
and the desire to forget.
And forgetting is fine –
it seems like it costs you nothing,
’til your thighs show the bruises
and there’s blood in your puke.

My name is Annie
and I will not be a victim!
My choices are mine,
no-one else can make them
and I have to learn
how to deal with the darkness –
the unending desire
to bleed myself dry.

My name is Annie
and I will recover.
I know that the day
will come when I’m free.
I have nothing now
but I could eas’ly fall further –
but I’m so scared, and I’m here now
and that is my story