And in those days

And in those dayswhen we would wander in the woods,your hand would findmy secret places.And I would sigh, and diebut know I’d live againricher in the deep greensof that garden. There came a… Continue reading

What’s Going On?

I’m so tired of the lies and the outright contempt for the people shown by the Newman government. Tens of thousands of people thrown out of work, lives ruined, crime rampant in the streets,… Continue reading

The Glass Hand

It sure gets darkon these frosty winter mornings.So dark, you aren’t surewhere you are any more.And the memories breed and distortin that darkness,Hangingforever more. Like a shadow in a shadowmoving like dark lightningthe… Continue reading


Darkness comes across a broken afternoon, the air is full of weighty metal scent. Waves of oil, rise, dark from the blacktop. The shadows turn to silver in the gloom. The sky is… Continue reading

My time

The morning is my time to find myself and make myself feel alive. The day can kill me grind down my soul but under the covers or beneath the jet of water I… Continue reading

There’ll be a sunny day.

There’s not much I know I’m not really a scholar I just pretend and do it for the dollar. But there’s one thing I’ll tell you that I have learned along the way.… Continue reading

Up with the birds

Up with the birdsas the earth turns.Soon, the sun will burnthe green tinge from the grass. Up with the raysthe clear, bright light of morning.Coffee in hand.A day, unplanned.

The Annie Method

I found it hard to believe it could have possibly mattered but lately, it feels like it does. As the smoke haze that this summer has been vanishes on the breeze I’m suddenly… Continue reading

I said NO!

I said NO! you cannot touch me I said NO! you cannot call I said NO! I will nto buy what ever you are selling get out of my face and leave me… Continue reading

What kind of man are you?

Every time we partI have to ask myself –What am I never sure in my heart?what kind of man are you? You’be got a kindness and a cruelty,a scepter and a whip.Sometimes you… Continue reading

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